Joining Night League

The V&DABA is made up of teams from a number of community organizations, as well as several independent teams. Community organizations and independent teams are responsible for team formation. Once teams have been formed, they are registered in the V&DABA. Community organizations and/or coaches are responsible for attending the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Team Registration.

If your child has played in the Night League before, contact your coach or area representative to find out how to register. See the Contact Page to find out who your area representative is.

For general information about season length, practice and game times, age groups, and skill divisions, please browse the About The League section in the Contents on the left. There you will also find information about our New Rules and Age Groups for this season and a copy of our official Rules and Regulations.

All players, coaches and parents are required to read and understand our Code of Conduct prior to the beginning of the season. A copy of this can be seen by clicking on "Code of Conduct" under the Policies, Rules & Regulations tab on the left.

Registration Costs  
The V&DABA fee pays for the rental of the gyms for games, payment for gym supervisors, game directors and referees, and administration costs. V&DABA fees do not include practice gym rental fees, uniform costs, or equipment costs. Your team or community organization is responsible for these additional costs.

V&DABA fees are as follows:

U-11: $900/team
U-13: $1000/team
U-15: $1100/team
U-18: $1100/team

Practice costs are the responsibility of the team or community organization. Typically these are about $470 per team. For those teams planning to practice in schools in School District 61, be aware that the school district rentals department will not deal with individual teams. For help arranging your practice time, contact our gym liaison, Mavis Stokke, at 479-5542.

Uniform costs and team equipment (basketballs, first aid kit, etc.) are also often charged by teams. These fees are not collected by V&DABA, but are the responsibility of each individual team or community organization.

Individual equipment such as basketball shoes, knee or ankle braces, warmup shirts, warmup pants, water bottles, etc. are the player's and parents' responsibility.