Scorekeeping Instructions



Parents are requested to take a turn at either scorekeeping or timekeeping at their child's game.  Gym Supervisors (in red shirts or coats) will assist parents and provide instructions as needed.

Click on the link for printable instructions on how to keep score in basketball.

Scorekeeping Instructions   (PDF format)

Scoresheet Sample - Completed   (PDF format)


Rules related to Scorekeeping/Timekeeping:

  • Each team will be responsible for providing one table official for each game.
  • The Gym Supervisor may request that the timer change from “stop time”
    to “running time” for any games running late. However, the final 2 minutes of play
    will be “stop time”. No time-outs are permitted during the running time.
  • Only the head coach may call a time out and that time out must be requested through the score table.