Accident Insurance

Certificate Of Insurance 2017/2018

Insurance Claim Form 2017/2018


Clarification of V&DABA Insurance Coverage:

V&DABA's insurance policy only covers sanctioned activities by the Victoria & District Amateur Basketball Association.

If the Association is made aware and has given approval for teams to practice or play at other venues, then the players are covered.
However, if a team(s) just decide to pick up a game with another team and is not part of league play there is no coverage. The key is, the Association is aware and the players are registered.

The policy will not be rated on the number of games or practices so extra games at other venues not rented by the V&DABA on behalf of their members does not change the premium or coverage. The policy still covers the Association’s play and practices; so as long as the Association has given approval, it is a sanctioned event and therefore is covered.