League Structure

The night league accepts teams with players up to the age of 17 (as of December 31st of the current year). Most players enter the league at the age of 9, 10 or 11.
Games start in October on the Tuesday after the Thanksgiving Monday Holiday and end the week before Spring Break. There will be no games the last school week before Christmas and during the Christmas school break.

Teams have one practice and one game per week. Practices are arranged by the community organization or coach and usually take place for one hour in the evening at a local Elementary school. Games are arranged by V&DABA and take place on weekday evenings at SJ Willis, Lansdowne or Central Schools. All games are refereed by two certified officials from the Victoria Basketball Officials Association. Games take 1 hour to play.

V&DABA has a boys and a girls league. Each league is divided into four age groups:

U-11 (under 11 years as of December 31st)
U-13 (under 13 years as of December 31st)
U-15 (under 15 years as of December 31st)
U-18 (under 18 years as of December 31st); may be a modified schedule if insufficient number of teams

Teams in each age group are split into divisions based on age, experience and skill. Teams play several rounds of games against the other teams in their division. Divisions are readjusted between rounds if necessary.